Spring! 2016 Edition

Since I actually have a few writing things going on for a change, I thought I’d take this opportunity to update my blog! And of course, also to wish everyone a very happy Spring season.


So. What’s on the agenda?


Poison Tongue (Southern Gothic #1 (haven’t thought up a series name yet which sucks and I suck at thinking of series names)) has a projected release date around August/September 2016. I couldn’t be more excited. This series is a bit near and dear to my heart. It’s a little dark, a little unconventional.

Hopefully a few readers out there enjoy it as well. πŸ™‚

I’ve started working on Ocean Soul which is book #2 in the series. After reading Poison Tongue, you’d probably be able to guess the MC of this book.

The rights for Outshine the Stars, which is currently published with JMS Books, will be returned to me in the next few months. So I plan to add a more to the story, have it re-edited, and to a re-release for the second edition.

Lane’s (Life According to Maps #3) is in the works. I think I’m only a few thousand words in, but I’m still planning to have it written and released before the end of the year. I’ll probably be sending out a link for the ARC for review in my newsletter (whenever it’s actually written). The Maps series is a tad trickier for me to write because I have to be in the right mindset. I want it to be funny, and writing humor can be tricky.

Thrills (Cold Hard Truths #2) is another manuscript I’m rewriting. It’s a bit hard to invest time on a series that didn’t get much traction. But alas, those men won’t be left hanging. I will finish their story, slowly but surely.

I have a few other projects on the horizon. A contemporary that I plan to self-publish, titled Arrows Through Archer. I’m not too far into writing this one, but have it pretty thoroughly outlined. Can’t imagine actually getting around to this one this year. Probably 2017.

I’ll be keeping my newsletter subscribers more up to date on future releases, ARC giveaways, etc., so if you’d like to be kept more in the loop (because I suck at updating my blog), you can subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/boD5TP


So that’s all! By the end of the year Poison Tongue will be out through Dreamspinner Press, I’ll re-release Outshine the Stars and self-publish it, and Lane’s (Life According to Maps #3) will also be self-published. Ocean Soul will probably be finished by then, but can’t imagine it being published in 2016.

Busy year for me!



End of the Year Post

It’s that time again. Time to reflect on the past year.

It’s been a good year for me. Maps and Diamonds were released this year, as well as Lovers & Fighters with DSP. Also, I wrote and released fawn with the MMRG on Goodreads.

Overall, not the most productive year, but I’ll take it.

Writing isn’t my day job, or else I’d starve. But it’s not my secondary job, or even a third. Writing is that really fun thing I wish I had more time to do, but unfortunately don’t right now. My goal for 2016 is to write more.

In 2016 I plan to finish my current WIP, Poison Tongue, which I’ve been working on for far too long. Then I’ll try to find a nice home for it. I also plan to write and release Lane’s (Life According to Maps #3), and, ideally, write and finish another MM Contemporary project I have outlined titled Arrows Through Archer. Anything above that will be icing on the cake.

Edit: I will also get Thrills (sequel to Vices) finished! I will! I’ve been putting it off forever, and I really need to tie that one up. So after my current WIP is complete, onto Thrills re-write! πŸ™‚


I want to thank anyone and everyone who’s read something of mine this year! πŸ™‚ And to my fans, in 2016, I promise to try to write more, and more frequently.


I hope you all had a fantastic 2015, and hope that 2016 is even better! Happy New Year!




TRR Readers’ Choice Awards

Neat! Someone nominated Maps, fawn, and Vices for The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Awards. Thanks to whoever did that! Definitely made my day getting that email a few days back.

If any of you guys would like to vote, it can be done here:

Vote for Maps

Vote for fawn

Vote for Vices


I’m really just happy to be nominated. πŸ™‚


Another note. I have a mailing list that I’ll link to below. I don’t use it too often, but when I do, it’s usually for giveaways, contests, freebies, etc. I’m planning to offer a free copy of Maps (#1) to my mailing list prior to releasing Diamonds (#2). Diamonds still has no release date, but hopefully in the next month or two.

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Which takes me down another path. If anyone out there has read Maps and would be the kindest, best person ever, I’m looking for another beta reader for Diamonds. I would appreciate it very much and will even invite said beta reader to my birthday party.

Lovers & Fighters, and other things that I’ve forgotten about

loversandfighters0dspMy new novella, Lovers & Fighters, is being released with Dreamspinner Press on September 9th. I’ll be over at the DSP blog on September 8th, doing some behind the scenes posting, so please stop by so I’m not terribly lonely!

Lovers & Fighters is a novella I wrote about a year and a half ago. It’s not the most recently thing I’ve written. I kind of sat on this story for over a year deciding if I’d ever let it see the light of day. I sometimes do this with stories because I’m a fickle person.

Lovers & Fighters was my own little exploration into two people falling in love for no reason. I didn’t want either of the characters to be able to say, “I love him because _______.” I wanted them to say, “I love him, because.” That’s just the way love works sometimes.

Diamonds (Life According to Maps Series)(Thanks to SRAL for the naming help!) will be my newest work. It’s at 14k currently, and is it ever ridiculous. It’s ripe with teenage angst, immaturity, misunderstandings, and a lot of naivety. I’m going to aim to finish it for end of September and then send it away to my editor. Cross your fingers for me!

I’m also working on a few other things very painfully slowly. I’m easily distracted. I have a southern gothic WIP that’s been planned for ages that I need to write, and another M/M contemporary duology. Working names for said duology are:

Arrows Through Archer (#1)

Mercy in Malory (#2)

I mostly have this series planned and outlined. The series involves a large age difference and reunited lovers. Sort of. I’m anticipating this series to be heart-wrenching, and I’m also anticipating receiving a couple of death threats after book one. No end date in sight for these.

You can visit my southern gothic inspiration board here: https://www.pinterest.com/nashsummers/southern-gothic/

On that note, I’ll leave you with my southern gothic WIP prologue.

If I fell in love with the devil, would I still have a soul?
Gran always told me he’d look like something that clawed its way out of a fantasy I never knew I had. She said his heart would be blacker than the chew in the rusty cans next to my uncle’s rocking chair. She said he’d smell like the freshly plucked peaches she used in her pies, and that he’d be twice as sweet. She said that his voice would cut into my heart and make me weep so deeply that I would forget the sound of my own voice. She said the feeling of his skin would seer my own, that my guts would coil into tight tendrils of desperation and fixation, like those girls I’d seen crying down at the sheriff’s office. She said that when he’d smile at me, it would be a reminder that the wicked creature just beneath the surface of his flesh was waitingβ€”patientlyβ€”to eat me whole.
Gran told me that I would fall in love with the devil.
And she told me that he would love me right back.

Diamonds: A cover and some guarantees

diamonds-fWell, it’s happening. I wasn’t ever planning on writing any more for Maps and Lane, but I guess I just couldn’t help myself. I like to write stories that are emotionally draining, but every now and again I want to go back to writing something silly, fun, and hopefully, funny.


And that’s where Maps comes in. I’ve started writing Diamonds and I’m really enjoying writing it. Diamonds will be in the same (still unnamed) series as Maps, and will take place right after book one. Working blurb: The one where Maps gets a job. Hilarity ensues.

For this series, there are a few things I can guarantee:

  • Diamonds will probably not be the last in the series.
  • Maps will never change. I mean this in regards to who Maps is as a character. He’s ridiculous. He’s naive, foolish, very childish, a little (okay, maybe a lot) self-absorbed, and fairly oblivious. In Diamonds, Maps won’t deter from his character. I imagine Maps as an adult being the same version of his younger self.
  • This series will be angst-free. Forever! Reader’s of fawn who I’ve made cry are rejoicing.
  • There will be teenage melodrama (only the melodrama Maps creates for himself, really), misunderstandings, miscommunication, over-dramatization, ridiculousness, unlikely circumstances, childish shenanigans,Β  and tons of nerdy references.
  • Each story will be novella length (my attention span is almost as short as Maps’).

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. I hope you enjoy Diamonds when it comes out!


ps. Maps’ poor parents.