Arrows Through Archer: Rainbow Awards Winner

I’m incredibly happy (and honored) to say that Arrows Through Archer has won in the 2017 Rainbow Awards. It’s won in the Best Gay Book category, as well as the Best Gay Contemporary category.

A huge congratulations to the other authors who participated and wrote some incredible stories this year. And a massive thank-you to Elisa and the Rainbow Awards for all the work they do, and the money collected for the various charities.




It’s surreal for me that so many people have read and enjoyed Arrows. To date, it’s the longest book I’ve written and definitely holds a special place for me.

Like many of my books, I base some of the content on personal experience. For Arrows, all of the descriptions of Banff were based on memory. I’ve been to Banff many times in my life (luckily), during all four seasons, and let me tell you, my descriptions do not do it justice. It’s absolutely gorgeous and if you ever have the opportunity to visit, do yourself a favor and go.

So, a bit about the things in Arrows that I based on personal experiences:

  • Archer’s nephews name is Aiden, and while I myself don’t have a nephew, my SO has a nephew named Aiden, who I quite adore.
  • There’s a scene where Archer and Mallory are in Banff and go to Tim Horton’s. It’s almost like a family tradition now for us to stop there every time we’re in Banff. My SO (yes, judge him by this) gets a triple triple (yep, three creams and three sugars), while I usually opt for a regular. I’m not much of a coffee drinker though.
  • A very close friend of mine went through very similar injuries to Archer. Thankfully, they were obtained from some, uh, shenanigans, unlike Archer’s injuries. He popped his knee out of its socket and tore through 3 of the 4 ligaments in his knee. Unfortunately, that same night, he severely dislocated his opposite shoulder. We were together when it happened, the five of us friends, and it was very frightening. He was about 27 when it happened, so a little older than Archer. He was hospital ridden for a month until he had surgery, and then afterward, he had to hobble around with a cast on his leg, arm awkwardly in a sling, and crutches. It barely worked but he had to have something to help his mobility, since he was sent home and lived on his own. I often took him to physio appointments and helped to get his crutches in the trunk of my car. But don’t worry–he has returned almost completely to his former glory. 🙂
  • There’s a scene where Danny is driving and Archer is in the passenger seat, and it’s Archer’s first time seeing the Rocky Mountains from a distance. He says something along the lines of, “They’re not that big.” He then falls asleep, wakes up, and is surrounded by nothing but sky and mountains and is a little awe-struck. That was word for word what happened my first time I saw the Rocky Mountains as a kid with my family.
  • I like whiskey. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but the bottle of whiskey Mallory pops open that first night when himself and Archer are on the back deck and Mallory asks if he’s gay, that whiskey I have tried. It’s wildly expensive and I tried in Dublin, Ireland, at the Irish Whiskey Museum.
  • I have a friend like Danny. Not like Danny in a lot of ways, but very like Danny in others. She is wildly supportive of everything I do, and understanding to a fault. The world might not deserve people like her.
    • And, for the super-fans, I’ve dedicated each of my Life According to Maps books to her.

I think that’s it! There are many more small things in my books that have been based on my life or experiences, but I think those are some of the major ones for Arrows Through Archer.

Again, thanks to everyone who’s read ATA, and to Elisa and the Rainbow Award judges. This is definitely one I’m logging in my journal.


1 thought on “Arrows Through Archer: Rainbow Awards Winner

  1. Congratulations, I’m so happy you won it! I haven’t read this story yet, but I adore the series and can’t wait to get back to it.

    Any news on Thrills?..

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