What’s to come in 2017? Well…

I have big plans, guys! Big, big plans! I always do.

I’m hoping to release 3 books next year. Hoping. Planning. Aiming. Probably struggling.

I’m hoping/planning/aiming to release Ocean Soul (Afflicted Souls #2) which is about 40k done, Arrows Through Archer (which is actually on the top of my to-release list), and Thrills (Vices #2).

I know some of you guys have been waiting for Thrills for a million years, and for that, I’m so sorry. I am a fickle, fickle, lazy, fickle creature. I see a shiny thing and run away, forgetting all about the tinsel already in my claws. I wrote Thrills, decided I hated it, and am going to take another stab at it this year.

A bit about each (for whoever is curious).

Ocean Soul features Sterling, a young man who lost his soul in a game of high stakes poker. And naturally, his love interest is none other than Malcome’s fearless Sheriff (who is the law).

Arrows Through Archer is a contemporary romance between a young man named Archer and his best friend’s father. The romance is slow, unsure, and new. Tags would be: age difference, angst, slow burn, and HEA. It might be considered a quiet romance.

Thrills will be told from Carver’s POV and he will very likely be abusive (emotionally and physically), insensitive, unwavering, and probably rude. Hell, I miss Carver. Maybe I’ll work on Thrills next…


On December 22 of this year, Lane’s comes out.  Hurray! And on top of that, as a little Christmas treat, I’m putting Maps, Diamonds, AND Lane’s on sale between Dec 22-26 for $0.99 each. So you’ll probably want to snag it at the discounted price if you’re planning on reading it. 🙂


1 thought on “What’s to come in 2017? Well…

  1. Wow, I’m super-excited to hear that! Finally the Thrills is coming, I’ve almost lost hope!:) That’s such a wonderful Christmas gift. I can’t wait for abusive and violent Carver! And Lane’s – that’s amazing, I look forward to reading it!

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