Diamonds: A cover and some guarantees

diamonds-fWell, it’s happening. I wasn’t ever planning on writing any more for Maps and Lane, but I guess I just couldn’t help myself. I like to write stories that are emotionally draining, but every now and again I want to go back to writing something silly, fun, and hopefully, funny.


And that’s where Maps comes in. I’ve started writing Diamonds and I’m really enjoying writing it. Diamonds will be in the same (still unnamed) series as Maps, and will take place right after book one. Working blurb: The one where Maps gets a job. Hilarity ensues.

For this series, there are a few things I can guarantee:

  • Diamonds will probably not be the last in the series.
  • Maps will never change. I mean this in regards to who Maps is as a character. He’s ridiculous. He’s naive, foolish, very childish, a little (okay, maybe a lot) self-absorbed, and fairly oblivious. In Diamonds, Maps won’t deter from his character. I imagine Maps as an adult being the same version of his younger self.
  • This series will be angst-free. Forever! Reader’s of fawn who I’ve made cry are rejoicing.
  • There will be teenage melodrama (only the melodrama Maps creates for himself, really), misunderstandings, miscommunication, over-dramatization, ridiculousness, unlikely circumstances, childish shenanigans,  and tons of nerdy references.
  • Each story will be novella length (my attention span is almost as short as Maps’).

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. I hope you enjoy Diamonds when it comes out!


ps. Maps’ poor parents.


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