Real men and women

A while ago, on Facebook, I saw a post about real women. Well, it wasn’t about real women exactly, but the title implied something like that. I’m definitely not meaning to offend, or point even a singular finger, but I feel like this is something I need to put my two little cents in to.

The post was about real women in Victoria’s Secret bathing suits. I get it. I’m definitely not a Victoria’s Secret model, and won’t ever have to figure to prove myself wrong.


And this is a big but. But… labeling these women with the implied title of fake, doesn’t make me “more real”, thinner, fitter, or more of a women. And because they are fit, and are models, and are beautiful, that does not mean they aren’t real women. Because they are women, fully and completely, no matter how much their bodies and looks and daily routines differ from my own. And labeling an article something like: Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits on Real Women, which I believe is meant to be empowering, is doing the opposite. No one is more of a woman by trying to strip that title from someone else. I don’t think the article was trying to push buttons or be rude, but if everyone keeps letting things like this slip through the cracks, it’s only going to be imprinted on younger generations and create a harmful, unhealthy loop.

When I was younger, I learned that calling other girls ugly didn’t make me more beautiful, calling other girls fat didn’t make me skinner, and calling (or implying) that other girls were fake didn’t make me more genuine.

I’ll leave you all with a video I saw years ago that really touched me, and helped me think forwardly about real men and women.

Spoiler alert: real men and women are non-existent. They are only two colors in a huge spectrum.


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